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Remarkable Service, Remarkable Product: The ImageFIRST Detroit Difference

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Oct 19, 2015 10:32:50 AM

What do a purple cow, healthcare laundry services and passionate customer care have to do with one another? At ImageFIRST Detroit, our mascot, Violet the Purple Cow, was inspired by our vision of a company that provides truly remarkable service. A purple cow is something extraordinary enough to stop you in your tracks and make you think, “wow,” without it even having to be pointed out as something remarkable or unique; that’s how we want you to feel about our company commitment to going far above and beyond for our clients.

Healthcare laundry services are an important contributing factor to the overall sanitation of a medical facility – something our associates take very seriously. These champions of medical laundry service often go far beyond the “normal” calls of duty to provide consistent excellence in customer care.

As just one example, take our ImageFIRST Customer Advocate who once went out of his way to deliver linens to a medical facility right before a major snowstorm in the region. Although his delivery was supposed to be on the day of the snowstorm, he knew that the facility would have run out of linens without the extra care. Thanks to the extraordinary service of our team member, hospital staff were able to comfortably sleep at their location overnight and provide critical care to patients.

Our Customer Advocates are more than just delivery people – they’re the main point of contact for all ImageFIRST Detroit healthcare customers’ linen orders, meaning they deliver, keep track of inventory, optimizes their inventory, and can even provide Same-Day Linen Rescue services for emergency orders for those unexpectedly busy days. All of these unique services streamline and simplify the process for healthcare providers, freeing up precious time for them to do what they do best: care for their patients.

ImageFIRST Customer Advocates are also often more than just another medical product provider to the facilities they serve. Because our Customer Advocates stay with the same clients, they get to know each facility’s unique needs and forge lasting relationships with the medical staff they encounter on a regular basis.

For an inside glimpse of the extraordinary individuals that make up the ImageFIRST team, view our video, ImageFIRST: Remarkable People, Remarkable Service, to see the difference for yourself.