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ImageFIRST Detroit Will Be Present at The Beryl Institute's Patient Experience 2016

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Apr 6, 2016 8:56:32 AM

The most effective way for medical facilities to generate a positive result is by putting the patient experience at the center of their services. Sharing that same outlook, we at ImageFIRST Detroit intend to put patients at the heart of what we do – which is why our products and services are designed to help enhance the patient experience.


We are constantly striving to improve our services and processes to assist our customers with providing a better treatment experience for their patients. To further enhance our efforts, we will be attending The Beryl Institute's Patient Experience 2016 as an organizational sponsor for the event. The conference will take place in Dallas, TX, in April from the 13 through the 15.


The Beryl Institute's Patient Experience 2016

The Beryl Institute's Patient Experience 2016 is a conference that brings together medical leaders and professionals on an international level to learn about how they can improve the patient experience for their facilities. It is a gigantic event that is hosted by self-regulating non-provider or vendor entities and is created for practitioners who are striving to enhance the patient experience. While we are there, we will convene, engage, and expand the dialogue of cultivating and augmenting the patient experience.


The Beryl Institute

Have you heard of The Beryl Institute? It is a global group that is committed to aiding healthcare facilities and professionals with enhancing the patient experience through shared collaboration and knowledge. The members of the institute are healthcare professionals like yourself, as well as leaders who share their backgrounds, insights, and perspectives on strategies to make the patient experience better. The organization has actually created their own meaning of the phrase “the patient experience” through extensive collaboration. The refined definition is available on their website, which can be viewed at


Medical Laundry Service Designed to Improve the Patient Experience

We put the patient experience at the center of what we do in regards to laundering, renting, and delivering products such as nurse scrubs in Grand Rapids, MI. We are devoted to our promise of being the cost-effective key for greater patient satisfaction. Our services help alleviate healthcare facilities from the burdens that are linked to medical laundry so that they can concentrate more on their patients – the focus that matters most! Our engaging Customer Advocates provide inventory management, make sure that deliveries are made according to schedule, and assist with comprehensive cost management so that medical facilities have fewer aspects to worry about. Our laundry products and services surpass the infection prevention standards of the medical industry to avoid the spread of HAIs – another feature of healthcare laundry that facilities are less burdened with thanks to our services.


Our services also assist with enhancing the patient experience by offering high-quality laundry products that are pleasant and clean in appearance. For instance, we have our robes and gowns individually wrapped so that when patients receive one for their treatment, they experience opening up an untouched, fresh garment just for them. These are just a few examples of how our processes, products, and services are operated with the patient experience in mind.


See You at the Conference!

We are so ecstatic to be attending The Beryl Institute’s annual conference, the Patient Experience 2016. While we are there, we aim to share our processes and ideas, as well as learn more about how we can help our customers enhance the patient experience. We plan on discovering solutions to identify new strategies and advance our objectives to the next level. Will we see you there?


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